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Writer’s Block – Letting go to Flow

“Learn to Let Go … You’ll Go with the flow”

Michelle Townsend

The last few weeks have been unusual, and to be honest hard going.  Now, I know we all have these moments in our lives, no matter what it is we are dealing with, but the fact is, these moments are good for us.  Adversity drives us to look, to create what we want.  If you haven’t got the ‘contrast’ there’s nothing to look for, nothing to drive you.  This contrast can sometimes become a bit of a block, as I have experienced many times.  I already know this.  So why is it we get into this blocked state? If we already know how to deal with it, why do we get the block?

Writers Block

To say I’ve had writers block the last couple of weeks is an understatement!  When writers have spoken about writer’s block before I’ve never really thought much of it.  Yes, I have experienced it quite a few times during my writing but this time oh my goodness, this is proper writer’s block! 

Yes, I have been writing (a little), I always write every day, even if it’s for 5 minutes.  I’ve been posting quotes most days, that’s been no problem in that respect.  I’ve also been spending quite a bit of time on my book proposal.  But there’s been no sense of what I really wanted to get at, no ‘meat on the bones’ as they say to go in my book.  I’ve been going round in circles, which I know is one of my traits. Thoughts of … where’s my book going? what’s my title? (I do have a title but it’s changing yet again!) where am I aiming it for the reader?  Am I going in the right direction? It goes on and on and on!

Blog Time

I haven’t written a blog for a month now.  The feelings of falling behind with that were creeping in too.  As I started to write this blog, I didn’t really know what I was going to write today, or where it was going, but as one thought lead to another it fell in place in an instant.  I am flowing rather quickly on my computer typing in these words that you are reading now.  It’s amazing once you are in that flow, once you realise, AGAIN!  Sometimes you just have to write ‘anything’.  That anything, most of the time ends up being something you can use. From this I have decided to do a blog spot once a month. It’s remembering to be kind to ourselves.

Frustration to Flow

The thing is, you’ve got to go through these feelings and experiences for guidance.  We may feel frustrated at the time and tie ourselves up in all sorts of knots, I know I certainly do!  But if we don’t have the blocks that show up, where are the thoughts, feelings and experiences going to come from to get us to our destination? 

It’s taught me a powerful lesson again this week, one I already knew very well, but sometimes we need a good kick up the butt to say ‘Oi, remember let go and allow it to flow, don’t force it!’ That’s what I’ve been doing lately.  Trying too hard sometimes is detrimental to us, it puts blocks in place because we aren’t flowing naturally.  

Connection with other writers helps …

I had a lovely reminder from a lovely lady who I follow on LinkedIn, Mary McManus.  A true inspiration. I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing this in my blog.  A lady who has gone from experiencing Paralytic Polio and Post-Polio Syndrome to finishing the Boston marathon!  She runs regularly, most days in fact, how amazing is that!  She is certainly keeping me focused on my running!  Mary is an author of many books and writes poetry.  She shared a post plus a link to her blog that really resonated with me a few days ago, link here if you wish to read it.  

Mary’s post reminded me to step back.  Step back from the panic, stressing out, the ‘what if’s’, the fears.  I had been pushing way too hard, putting too much pressure on myself with regards my writing that it was completely blocking my flow.  It was blocking me big time!  I felt disconnected.

It’s quite funny really. Mary’s post was about Wi-Fi and 5G and connecting to it.  Something I know quite a lot about, been there and got the t-shirt shall we say!  That’s what my book is partly about, the learning I had from those experiences, the Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.  After I read Mary’s blog I felt a sense of release, a deep reminder.  The quote Mary shared make me chuckle.  It said, “Faith is like Wi-Fi, it’s invisible but it has the power to connect you to what you need”.  That was so powerful for me it was unbelievable! Thank you, Mary, your post, and blog has been so helpful to me this week. 

Share the adversity … it helps others

We are all in this life together.  We are all connected.  Whether we believe we are or not.  When we share inspiration, our difficulties, our adversities no matter how large or small they may seem to other people, it can allow us to reconnect with that flow of life that we are looking for.  Our place of imbalance helps others get through theirs.  It can be applied to all areas of our lives, we can use it in so many ways.  There are so many different aspects to deal with in life, to overcome, but the general energy of dealing with it remains the same.   

Each person has their difficulties, and what may seem trivial to one is a major issue to another.  It all depends on what we are doing in our life at that time.  For me it was my writing the last few weeks, it’s important to me to get my story out there, so I can help others learn from my mistakes, learn from what I went through.  It was after all why I became a therapist.  I wouldn’t be a therapist if I hadn’t have gone through the dis-ease of those experiences.  If I can help one person to overcome such severe adversity, then I have done my job!  That’s why my writing is so important to me. 

Final words

So, there we go. I have been ‘in the flow’ this morning, I chose to let go. I chose to let this blog go where it needed to go. I hope you found it helpful, even if just a little helpful or food for thought 💭 I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.

If you find yourself in a major block, no matter what it is. Not knowing where to turn … not knowing what to do in that moment … feeling frustrated … angry with yourself … stressed … worrying about the ‘what if’s’… just let go. Let go of trying too hard.  Nothing is set in stone. The more you let go and surrender, the more clarity you will have.  It’s not giving up; it’s letting go of that blocked energy.  Acknowledge that’s where you are right now, you are doing your best.  Trust you will be guided when you step back to process what’s required to allow you to move forward and flow into your next adventure. 

Learn to Let Go … You’ll Go with the Flow”

Michelle Townsend

For more information on help with feeling blocked in life pleased get in touch here. Maybe you require a new direction? Your life choices are changing? Whatever it may be. I’ve been there. I’m happy to help from my own places of adversity which I’ve learned so much from and experienced. Use them as your driving force!