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A Way Will Be Found

True Guidance

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting few weeks.  A lot has happened since I wrote my last blog.  I’ve been thinking carefully of what would be relevant to go in my November blog.  In fact, I have too much! It’s going to have to be over two blogs!  It has been a powerful reminder and highlighted that we don’t always know how we are going to do something or approach something; but in that moment, we make the decision to do something, a way will be found.  The guidance comes in. 

Thoughts Create Things

Most people that know me well, know I always talk about everything is created first by a thought.  ‘Thoughts create things.’  Just like a designer designs the draft for a new building from his thoughts, most things in life are also created this way.  Even the seat that you are sitting in started that way.  Someone had to think the thought in their mind to come up with the idea, the shape, the size, the textures, and colours chosen for it. 

When we look at life in general, we just flow through life on autopilot, thinking that things just happen and fall into place just because they do.  If we take a deeper look into how life flows, we do indeed have a lot of power in each moment to drive something forward in the way we want it. We have quite a lot of control over it, more than we realise.  When we stop and think about how we are going to approach something, usually we can choose what feels right to us in that moment to move forward. 

So, what if we are trying to do something and we have no idea where to start? where do we go with it? The thought of even starting it totally freaks us out! What happens then?

Book Proposals

I’m currently working on a book proposal.  There are various things that are required to go into it.  Now obviously I have never written a book proposal before in my life, it’s all very new to me.  How do you word these things? Just like I mentioned above about the thought of even starting it freaks you out, well yes, I’ve had those feelings. I started it back in the summer but kept putting it on hold.  I’ve added bits here and there.  I do have guidance on how to do it, but it is still hard to do.  I keep asking myself, am I doing it right? Am I adding the right things in? It’s now time to get it sorted.   

If we can make the decision to just go for it, and persist, things do start to fall into place and each step leads to the next step, it guides us along the way.  Even though we feel we aren’t moving forward we are.  It’s just a process which we must allow and foster a feeling of trust that we will be guided along the way.  

The book proposal is doing just that, it’s helping tremendously with the continued writing of my book.  There has already been plenty of planning gone into the chapters etc.  When you put yourself into a position of telling someone what your books about, it allows you to plan even deeper, considering more options which could be added into each section.  It’s helpful. Again, ‘a way will be found’ to allow the next steps to fall into place.  It’s exactly how it’s happening. 

Time for a Newsletter

I have had a recent advertisement in the Health and Well-Being section of The Times newspaper on Saturday 22nd October. This all happened over night.  I wasn’t expecting it at all.  That situation created me to sort out the next steps of my website, creating a newsletter sign up page.  This is something I have been meaning to do for quite a while, to be ready for my book proposal.  It’s been considered throughout the year, but I hadn’t done anything about it.  It was just a thought that was waiting there.

The advertisement which was promoting my upcoming book and writing journey pushed me into sorting that aspect of my website out.  How was I going to create that in such a short amount of time? Four days in fact! I have created the content on my website over the years, I know how to add the basic pages to it. I have people to sort the technical stuff out on there for me, which I am very grateful for.   

This newsletter was in the pipeline to be done, I had looked into it, but again when we try to find a way, we seem a little blocked with it. I kept putting it off because I didn’t know how. When we are pushed into sorting it out, things fall into place to allow us to achieve it.  The right situations fell in place for me, and my newsletter sign up was created thanks to two wonderful people that stepped in very quickly that week.   

Powerful Reminders

The powerful reminder within this blog is ‘a way will be found’. Rather than backing away from situations that you feel you don’t have the answer to, feel fearful, or feel blocked in deciding what to do, take the first step.  Decide to move forward, even if you don’t know where you are stepping.  Just the initial thought around it is the first step.  

The journey make take you round in circle’s, down dead-end routes, on a slight de-tour, but just like adversity teaches us and strengthens us without realising, so does being the ‘designer’ in that moment.  It may take you round in those circles, down those dead-end routes, on those slight detours but a way will be shown to you, ‘a way will be found’. 

I hope this blog helps you to understand and navigate through some situations that have been hard for you too or help you decide about soon.  Allow those decisions to move step by step. You may be pleasantly surprised how things just naturally fall into place.  Just change your perception. 

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