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Based in Dudley in the West Midlands…Originally I’m a Music Teacher and have been for over 30 years teaching Piano, Electronic Organ, Keyboards and Music Theory and still continue to teach with an extremely  successful business which I am very proud of.

I first became interested in Hypnotherapy when I was extremely ill suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (Electrical Sensitivity for short) not necessarily recognised in this country or a lot of countries for that matter but has been recognised in Sweden for a number of years.  You can find more information about it from Powerwatch Website.

It started with the use of mobile phones then progressed to electrical equipment such as TVs, Irons and unable to be around WiFi signal even sitting by my electronic keyboard whilst teaching. It got to the point where we had just bought a brand new car and two days after picking it up I nearly fainted at the wheel because of the electronics within the car was affecting me.

I was in dire straits and as a last resort a friend directed me to try Hypnotherapy.

It changed my world completely from not living a normal life to begin feeling normal again, living normally, it’s was an amazing transformation! ….and therefore hooked…. there started the interest in Hypnotherapy.

Unfortunately 3 years later I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 3/4 (Cancer of the Lymphatic System) and knowing how powerful hypnotherapy works I used Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis sessions before each Chemotherapy treatment during the 6 months of treatment with very limited side affects and have remained in remission ever since.

Learning so much from my own life experiences and the positive changes I chose to make for myself…. my mission is to help people make positive changes in their lives too… I therefore made a decision to train and become a hypnotherapist myself.  I received amazing coaching and intensive practical training gaining my Certificate in Hypnotherapy plus my Diploma Course of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy from Jacqueline Panchaud.  Jacqueline is the founder of ‘The College of Inspirational Hypnotherapy’ based in West Sussex near London, which is an approved training course by The International Hypnotherapy Association.  I now run my own successful Hypnotherapy business helping clients acheive success in their life, health and well being.  

In February 2022, I expanded on my studies and I am now a certified ‘Hypno-Oncology Practitioner’ training with Garry Coles.  This has allowed me to work more extensively with cancer patients. The ‘Hypno-Oncology’ training along with my own experiences of a cancer journey allows me to help people from a deep understanding and from the heart.  

Hypnotherapy is a superb way and an amazing tool to have and utilise if you are willing to make positive changes and move forward in your life.

Michelle Townsend – Harmony Life Balance

C.Hyp, D.Hyp, C.I.H, UKHR, I.H.A, CNHC Registered