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What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Hypnosis is different for each individual, it’s a personal journey.  It’s like taking a recliner chair out into the garden and sitting relaxed in the beautiful warm sunshine with your eyes closed enjoying the moment putting your feet up.  You will experience a balanced relaxed state of being.  People who have had hypnosis before tend to return because it is such a serene, calm and relaxing experience, it’s also good to allow this special time for yourself, honouring time for you.

Hypnosis does not cause unconscious or unwanted behaviours within a person… in hypnosis you will remain in complete control of your actions and choices.  You are able to open your eyes, talk, and communicate just as you would be able to if you were half asleep.

Is Hypnosis with Hypnotherapy the same as Stage Hypnosis?

No…Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to create positive change to someones habits, behaviour, belief, conditions, emotions and feelings using therapeutic techniques…stage hypnosis as portrayed in the media can be misleading as everyone instantly relates to saying “your not going to make me do silly things like they do on the TV are you?” which is certainly not the case with Hypnotherapy.  It’s the media’s portrayal of hypnosis that tends to frustrate us Hypnotherapists as we utilised hypnosis to create positive change for a client rather than them being made fun of!!!

Tension in Shoulder

“After 6 years of playing the viola, I have finally started looking closely at my technique. My teacher pointed out that I tense my muscles a lot when playing, especially my right shoulder. As I was unable to recognise when I was tensing my shoulder I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. Michelle did an excellent job at helping me to identify the feeling of a relaxed shoulder. I am now able to notice if my shoulder tenses up. Since my session with Michelle I have progressed on my instrument a lot, as I have been able to relax when playing, which has also helped with shoulder pain after playing from a long period of time. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone trying to break a bad habit.
I give permission to Michelle to use this testimonial so that others can benefit from Michelle’s wonderful therapeutic approach to hypnotherapy.

Many thanks!”

RT Great Barr