Biting Skin on Fingers

“I had an appointment with Michelle for hypnotherapy for biting the skin around my fingers. Michelle immediately put me at ease with her warm kind hearted manner.
After the first session I was amazed I did not bite my fingers at all.  However I continued to stroke the skin with my fingers and lips, I told Michelle this at the second session and she took all my concerns on board and carried out another session since then I am pleased to say I no longer have an issue with biting the skin or stroking the skin on my fingers.
I would highly recommend Michelle and I am so pleased she was able to help me so quickly.
I write this testimonial as permission to use so that others can benefit from Michelle’s wonderful therapeutic approach to hypnotherapy

Thank you Michelle”

ME Dudley


Personal Change Towards Excellence

“Thanks to Michelle’s expertise I was able to shift some old financial patterns that were holding me back.  Through a number of techniques she helped me release the old patterns and installed new beliefs that I’d written down prior to our session. Michelle also helped prompt new ideas that I hadn’t considered which also made a huge difference.
After just one session my focus had shifted and I started ‘noticing’ that I was making excellent decisions in my business.  Making ‘good decisions’ about money was one of the beliefs we installed during our sessions.  I’d highly recommend Michelle to anyone wishing to create change in any area of their life, she is truly amazing”

MD Walsall


Shoulder Pain

“I first met Michelle not through hypnotherapy but as music teacher and I could tell from our first lesson together how friendly and excepting she is. Michelle took me on as a novice organist and from the start I noticed a persistent pain down my right shoulder blade when playing for extended periods. I assumed that in time this pain would stop as I became used to the organ but I never got any better. Michelle made me aware of hypnotherapy (a treatment which she her self has undergone was success) and its many uses, after hearing this I was more than willing to give it a try. Michelle offered to give up her own time to help and conducted the session with a real sense of care and eagerness and I am happy to share that I now have no pain/annoying distractions when playing the organ.

Thank you Michelle”

NP Halesowen


Self Confidence

“I went to Michelle to see if she could help me with my self confidence and belief.
There have been lots of things which have happened to me in my life and I have always blamed myself for them.
Michelle has made me feel that I can let go of the anger I felt for those people and it wasn’t my fault.
My confidence has grown in the fact that I say ‘no’ now than being a total pushover.
All I can say is that she has helped me with my confidence and if I feel negative about myself and think to myself all the things I have achieved recently.
I have written this testimonial as permission to use so that others can benefit from Michelle’s wonderful therapeutic approach to hypnotherapy”

AC Stourbridge


Aid to Relaxation

“I recently visited Michelle for a Hypnotherapy session.  The setting was very calm and reassuring.  I spoke with Michelle for some time about how I felt and she made lots of notes.  Michelle came to the conclusion that I needed a relaxation session.  Michelle spoke to me in a very calm and relaxing way, helping me to see things differently, more positively.  I came away feeling very chilled.  With positive thinking I went on to find myself a new job.

Thank you Michelle”

NP Kingswinford


Tension in Shoulder

“After 6 years of playing the viola, I have finally started looking closely at my technique. My teacher pointed out that I tense my muscles a lot when playing, especially my right shoulder. As I was unable to recognise when I was tensing my shoulder I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. Michelle did an excellent job at helping me to identify the feeling of a relaxed shoulder. I am now able to notice if my shoulder tenses up. Since my session with Michelle I have progressed on my instrument a lot, as I have been able to relax when playing, which has also helped with shoulder pain after playing from a long period of time. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone trying to break a bad habit.
I give permission to Michelle to use this testimonial so that others can benefit from Michelle’s wonderful therapeutic approach to hypnotherapy.

Many thanks!”

RT Great Barr


Weight Control

“I originally saw Michelle at the end of May. My weight had snowballed to 14.3. I felt lethargic and generally fed up of being overweight. The first thing she told me was to cut out beige products- potatoes, cereal, rice, pasta etc.
I saw Michelle 4 times and then after 1 month. She has completely changed my eating habits. A biscuit at night with coffee was an essential, I think I may have had 1 in 2 months.

I am now 13.2 and still keeping to eat sensibly. I may have the odd treat, but now find it very
Easy to get back on track. I can now face the stairs several times a day instead of once. It has made me feel better about my self.

I think if I go on holiday I may need a booster when I get back. As Michelle says sometimes we need a treat.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle for hypnosis, you feel completely relaxed with her.”

SW Sedgley


Help With Exams

“Michelle’s use of hypnotherapy on me prior to a piano exam helped to endorse positive thinking and proved to be extremely effective during my actual exam where any mistakes I made were quickly forgotten, allowing me to move on and remain calm, positive and focused throughout. Michelle’s wonderful natural empathy is a perfect attribute for anyone practicing hypnotherapy and I would highly recommend her.”

KW Halesowen



“I recently visited michelle for a relaxation session. when hi first met her she made me very welcome and very safe. michelle spoke to me in a very calm and relaxing way. michelle has a very kind and warm hart she has made me see things in a different light which hi didnt see before I would highly recomend michelle because she is truly amazing thank you michelle”

MB Dudley


Pressures of Life

“May I say Harmony Life Balance with Michelle Townsend has completely transformed my life,I now view everything from a positive aspect and I find she has given me the tools to cope with anything that comes my way! Thank you so much Michelle an incredible experience I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with the pressures of life!”

TCW     Sutton Coldfield. West Midlands



“Working with Michelle I am learning how to live with the grief and sadness of losing my partner to cancer. I am very very grateful for her inspiration, expertise and patience. She is showing me skills that work for me. Also that life will be less painful and  happiness is possible again.”

PH Dudley


“I joined one of Michelle’s relaxation groups about a year ago prior to undergoing some major surgery.  I had already begun to address my fitness and diet but wanted to ensure that I was also  maximizing  my capacity and resilience to deal with stress and stressful situations.  I wanted to ensure that I was well prepared for surgery and recovery.

I find Michelle’s open, warm approach alongside her deep commitment and professionalism easy to engage with.  I have certainly valued her assistance in helping me to find a time to dedicate to myself.  She has also offered practical advice, solutions and ideas as to how to manage stress and anxiety.
I find the group sessions helpful and rewarding as it is apparent that Michelle has helped others in the group as well as me and this is evidenced in some of the group’s discussions.

Michelle’s assistance has helped me to take full advantage of the expertise and hard work of the medical team supporting me in achieving a good recovery from my surgery.  Many thanks Michelle.”

LB Dudley

Positive Place of Life

I remember January 2016, the beginning of an exciting year where I had planned so many wonderful things to do.  Then everything came to stop as I heard the shattering news that I had breast cancer aged 49 years old.  My life was changed forever and my world came crashing down around my feet.  Over the next 12 months I had to endure a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone treatment.

However, it is now May 2018 and I am in a very good place and yes my life has changed but now I see it in a very positive light.  I’m very happy, I enjoy life and I try to live in the moment seeing and feeling the wonderful things in life it has to offer.  My way of thinking has gone from thinking and worrying about my negative thoughts and I have now replaced them with positivity and a healthy outlook in life.

Michelle has very much helped me to get to this very positive place of life and her knowledge, expertise and fantastic relaxation sessions have enabled this to happen.  Michelle has taught me how powerful the mind is and how you can alter your way of thinking to bring calm, positivity and wellbeing back into your life.

Words can’t thank you enough Michelle.

DM  From Whitehouse Cancer Support Group.

Feel so Much Better

Feel so much better for all your sessions, no one else has ever been able to help me, should get to my goals soon, thank you Michelle for all your help, could not have got where I am today without you.

PH  Dudley

Understanding Fear using Regression Therapy

Being a curious individual who is always willing try new experiences, I must confess even I was somewhat sceptical of some of Michelle’s view points and beliefs regarding whether, we as individuals have lived past lives.  For several years however, I have also had a strong yearning to learn and understand more about regression.  Having watched television programmes and read books on the subject, I approached Michelle to see whether this was something she could help me with and particularly with my fear of open water. Having been a Midlander for most I my life I have a deep love of the sea and even joined the Royal Navy and spent many happy years sailing a yacht on the Solent however, although I respected the sea, I was also extremely fearful of it!  Through regression, Michelle took me back to a past life which although was happy, was also tragically cut short due to an accident at sea!   For me, regression did not take away my fear of the sea but it did lead to a greater understanding of why I had this irrational fear and for anyone who is experiencing fears they cannot explain or who simply just wishes to know more about regression, I would strongly recommend you talk with Michelle as I am sure her knowledge and skills can help others, as much as they helped me.

Caroline Webb

CEO, White House Cancer Support

Weight and Mindfulness Eating

Michelle encouraged me to be true to myself.  Thanks to her wisdom I have turned my life around, she helped me tackle my weight problem and taught me to savour my food. I shall be forever grateful to her.

H. Dudley


I have suffered with insomnia for many many years. Even as a child I was reluctant to go to bed and would do anything to stay up late. I got to the point where I couldn’t function due to lack of sleep. In desperation I went to see Michelle. I was apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect but she is so friendly and warm I soon relaxed. The experience was mind blowing. Michelle got to the root cause of my insomnia which was a revelation and from that night, about 3 months ago, I go to bed at a decent time and actually sleep. I feel so much better, happier and contended since seeing Michelle. I would highly recommend her for any difficulty. She is amazing!

JE Dudley (May 2019)

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