Our experiences through life are recorded in our sub-conscious mind. Every experience is logged and filed just like in a filing cabinet within that part of our mind… thus remembering positive experiences and negative experiences. From all our experiences we create beliefs, habits, thoughts and feelings related to them, whether they are good ones or bad ones.

Hypnotherapy is a therapy that uses hypnosis, this involves inducing a heightened state of consciousness allowing connection to the sub-conscious part of the mind. A professional hypnotherapist can then use the power of positive suggestion via verbal communication to create positive changes to those beliefs, habits, thoughts, behaviour and feelings in our lives, thus allowing wonderful changes to take place.


What can Hypnotherapy help with?



Personal Change Towards Excellence

“Thanks to Michelle’s expertise I was able to shift some old financial patterns that were holding me back.  Through a number of techniques she helped me release the old patterns and installed new beliefs that I’d written down prior to our session. Michelle also helped prompt new ideas that I hadn’t considered which also made a huge difference.
After just one session my focus had shifted and I started ‘noticing’ that I was making excellent decisions in my business.  Making ‘good decisions’ about money was one of the beliefs we installed during our sessions.  I’d highly recommend Michelle to anyone wishing to create change in any area of their life, she is truly amazing”

MD Walsall