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Hypnosis is 100% natural to all of us.  It is a natural state of focused attention, and when used in Hypnotherapy by the help of a trained professional hypnotherapist it enables people to make positive changes to thought, habits, behaviour and feelings.  While in hypnosis a person is highly responsive to suggestion or direction, thus allowing positive changes to take place.

Everyone will experience hypnosis throughout the day in different ways.  We have all experienced daydreaming or feeling in a trance.  You are in hypnosis whilst driving your car, reading a book, watching television, listening to music or even being reminded by a song, smell or things that create a memory within you.

Hypnosis is experienced anytime you focus your attention in anyway or on a specific thing, it is that time when you are feeling half asleep and half awake.  Hypnotherapy is the practise of inducing this natural state of Hypnosis, allowing access to the subconscious mind to make positive changes and re-programming to relieve unpleasant symptoms, eradicate unwanted habits, thoughts or feelings.  An excellent example of hypnosis nowadays is when your are on your mobile phones, you are highly focused, fully aware of what’s going on around you but somehow unaware.  It is like daydreaming and is a relaxing, peaceful serene experience.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Self Confidence

“I went to Michelle to see if she could help me with my self confidence and belief.
There have been lots of things which have happened to me in my life and I have always blamed myself for them.
Michelle has made me feel that I can let go of the anger I felt for those people and it wasn’t my fault.
My confidence has grown in the fact that I say ‘no’ now than being a total pushover.
All I can say is that she has helped me with my confidence and if I feel negative about myself and think to myself all the things I have achieved recently.
I have written this testimonial as permission to use so that others can benefit from Michelle’s wonderful therapeutic approach to hypnotherapy”

AC Stourbridge