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Online Hypnotherapy

Harmony Life Balance also now offers Hypnotherapy Online. The sessions work very much the same way as a face to face session in the therapy room except they take place via your chosen electronic device. Please note the information below regarding your set up and things to consider for an online Hypnotherapy session.

When you have your appointment it is really important you set up your space in a similar way to the way a professional therapy room is set up. Harmony Life Balance creates a welcoming atmosphere in it’s therapy room so it is advisable to be comfortable with your surroundings when your online session takes place. Here are some things to consider:

  1. The environment should be quiet. Ensure you are not going to be disturbed for the duration of your session. Consult your family members to let them know you wish to be left alone and undisturbed. Disconnect any phones, door bells etc to avoid disruption.
  2. At Harmony Life Balance you would be sitting in a comfortable chair, slightly reclined. The first part of the session you would be sitting in the chair upright. I will explain the processes being used, and we will discuss your experiences and what you want help with. When the hypnotherapy part of the session begins clients recline, your head and neck are supported by the back of the chair, although this is not necessary. It is also advisable that you have a warm blanket to place over you as you do get cooler when in hypnosis. You don’t need a recliner when doing an online session, but you will need to ensure you have a comfortable place on an armchair or sofa. It is important that I am able to see you via your device you are using during the session.
  3. I also recommend using headphones for as clear and focused an experience as possible.
Harmony Life Balance Online Sessions

For a free 100% confidential initial consultation to see if Hypnotherapy is for you and what it entails via a Online Session please get in touch. A list of how Hypnotherapy can help you can be found from my page ‘What can Hypnotherapy Help With?’ Click here.

Call Harmony Life Balance now on 01384 837071 / 07956 941716

or message us via our Contact Us Form for more information or to book an appointment.

Payment for Online Hypnotherapy sessions with Harmony Life Balance will be via BAC’s or PayPal. Payment will be required upfront and paid in full before your session takes place.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Michelle Townsend C.Hyp, D.Hyp, C.I.H, UKHR, I.H.A, CNHC Registered.