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The Mind

Now lets talk about the mind.  Well as we’ve said the mind has two parts to it which are…

  • Conscious Mind (Left Brain)
  • Subconscious (Right Brain)

Lets explore how these work and interact with one another and explain exactly why the behaviours happen and how through hypnosis the process can be reversed.

Conscious Mind

This is the thinking mind, it is the part of the mind that makes decisions, it compares and criticises. It solves problems, it’s the reasoning part of the mind, it works in numbers and is logical and sequential. Otherwise known as the ‘Captain of the Ship!’  What you think about consciously and if thought long enough over an over again can create a belief or an experience within you whether it be a positive or negative one.  If you make a decision to accept something as true consciously in your conscious mind your subconscious mind will accept it as true, it will then continue to create the belief or the experience because it thinks it’s doing the right thing for you.   This is how habits, feelings and thoughts around different situations can be created.  The subconscious then runs the program just like a computer runs it’s apps, files and programs.  A person can then become stuck if a belief is running at a subconscious level.

So now we know more about the conscious mind lets look at the subconscious.

Subconscious Mind

This is the emotional mind, it carries out the decisions made by the conscious mind. It plays out programs and conditioning we’ve picked up from our parents and our life experiences, our habit centre. It creates healing and controls all bodily functions like the autonomic nervous system and our fight/flight mechanisms. Your subconscious mind stores all memories and experiences, it then files them just like in a filing cabinet, drawing from it when it is required during our daily situations in life and then guiding us on how to deal with them using information from our previous experiences and memories.

The subconscious doesn’t know right from wrong it just accepts what you think consciously. It wants to do right for you.  It is wise to be very careful what you think most of the time, choose your thoughts wisely. It is the creative part of the mind, your inner power house and your faithful servant. What you impress on your conscious mind the “Captain of the Ship’ is carried out faithfully by your subconscious mind … the ‘workmen in the engine room!’

So…. how can hypnotherapy help?

Because Hypnotherapy uses Hypnosis we can access the part of the subconscious mind that is creating these beliefs, thoughts, feelings or experiences allowing us to make positive changes or alterations and create new programs.  As we move through life we grow and change and sometimes old programs or old programming is no longer required.  Some of the programs create illness within the body so Hypnotherapy is therefore a very useful tool that can be utilised eliminating bodily reactions, thoughts, feelings and dis-ease within the body.

I’d like to use my example of EHS here to explain the above further more …. I created a belief from one  experience that mobile phones hurt me, that the electromagnetic frequencies were damaging my body.  Plus reading literature to add to it.  It firstly starting with small amounts of pain within my head so I stopped using the phone to make calls.  Because the sub-conscious mind pattern matches it then looks for other situations that are very much the same and then puts two and two together creating a further belief that something will hurt you, so ….. mobile phones developed into masts, then further developed into electrical equipment such as TV’s, computers, Wifi, electrics in cars etc linking it all together then creating further pain or discomfort within my experience, I even read and said all these masts are going to create Cancer!!! What did I develop three years later?? funny co-incidence really!! … that is known as the ‘Nocebo’ effect.

When you see it developing over time it makes you realise how clever the subconscious is, but because I was consciously aware it was happening and got drawn in and kept thinking that something hurt me it then created the experience further and further then developing the belief further because this was true, it was truly happening in my experience.

Looking back now I find it so amazing and incredible but also very powerful.  Once I changed the program subconsciously there was no looking back!!

Hypnotherapy can be used to make positive changes in any area of your life…empower yourself through Hypnosis!!

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