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Reality or Reality??

When we have a deeper understanding of how the mind works in it’s mysterious ways, we have access to so much more, we have tapped into the knowledge to create powerful positive change. The more we understand, the easier it is to deal with life’s moments, good or bad. These understandings were so beneficial to me on my healing journey which I share in my new book. Read on…you may find you might think slightly differently. What’s your reality?

Have you ever thought about reality? What is reality? How does our mind process reality? You could ask many questions about it really.  Not many people really think of it much, they just going about their usual daily habits and routines, which all follow on one after each other. It’s how most of our days flow. 

So, what is reality? What is it we really see?  Reality is doing what we do in our everyday lives, we exist, we are in existence. We are matter in motion.  We live in the real world, our real world, we live in our truth, what we take to be true.  But what is our truth? Well, our truth is actually our perspective of that real world, and each and every one of us has a different perspective. Where does this perspective come from?

Why a Difference Perspective?

Our perspective is created from our experiences in life.  We all have completely different experiences because we are all individual people.  We are all living our life as WE see it or should I say, ‘FEEL IT!’. We create our reality because we can only create and see from our own perspective, the perspective which we believe to be true.  We are programmed through our life’s situations.  Another person may see the same situation completely different to you, may respond differently, because they have different programs and beliefs running deep within their subconscious.  We are all responding from our practised thoughts, habits and emotions which are linked to our experiences, our reality. 

Something to think about…




and … We EXPERIENCE what we CREATE


Repeat … No matter where you start this quote it works, try it!  It gets you thinking!

How does the mind process reality?

Your subconscious mind remembers every aspect of your life, right the way back to the third trimester in your mother’s womb.  How amazing is that!  If it remembers every aspect of your life, it remembers not only the good experiences, but also the bad experiences as well. Each experience holds either a very strong emotion, or one that is not so strong, maybe irrelevant. If you have a strong emotion attached to an experience, your subconscious holds this more firmly as a belief within you.  It remembers how you responded at that point in time.  

If the response was traumatic and it made you anxious, any time you experience something like it again you will most probably find you will respond in the same way again, anxiously.  It’s your subconscious minds way of thinking it is protecting you, it believes it must respond that way. It’s been wired that way from the original experience; it doesn’t know any better.  It’s interesting to know that within any experience your subconscious will remember not only how you responded or felt, but it will also remember the temperature of the room, the colours, every single detail associated with the situation you found yourself in. 

The Monkey Brain

Your subconscious mind is also sometimes called the ‘Monkey’ brain. Basically, it doesn’t understand the difference between right or wrong, it just accepts what’s happening as true. Responses can happen from a traumatic experience programmed deep within your mind.  It plays out the response because it believes that is what it must do for you in that moment, it remembers from the first time you experienced it. You can think of your ‘monkey brain’ as a computer, saving the data information that is being fed into it. It then draws on the information that’s appropriate to help you through experiences which are arising again that are similar. Each time this happens it adds to the belief, strengthening it, whether it’s good or bad. 

Real Reality or the Power of Thought?

Now we understand that the subconscious doesn’t understand the difference between right or wrong, it just takes things as truth, let’s think about the reality we see in front of us and the reality within our thinking minds, the realities we visualise.  Does the subconscious distinguish between the two? 

Science and Imagery

It has been scientifically proven that when we experience something in ‘real reality’, then think about that same situation again in our minds, the brain fires, and wires in the same way. Experiments have been done with athletes to prove this works.

They got the athletes to run their race physically in ‘real reality’ around the racetrack, running the best that they possibly could, aiming to win and gain their best time whilst they were practising.  They then got the athletes to lie or sit down and visualise themselves running the exact same race again in their minds eye, visualising the run.  The aim is for the athlete to focus very clearly on the positive outcome of winning their race. When they visualise and imagine the positive outcome the mind and body is programmed to respond in that way.  This provides a strong belief within them that they can perform at their optimum levels. 

Scientists measured their brain waves and frequencies both in the ‘real reality’ and the ‘visualised reality’.  What’s interesting is the results show that the brain fires and wires very much the same, whether the athlete is physically running, or visualising running. 

Is Perception Reality?

If every experience remains deep within us, the response, the feeling, the emotion, the belief that it’s true, that it’s happened before us and within us, every single detail, then our perception of that experience is our belief around it. From that belief we then create future responses, which further builds that belief to be true.  

But is that truth actually true? … well it will be to you because you don’t know any different, you have learned from your experiences. That truth may be, and probably will be different for someone else. Our experience is what we believe, the belief is a perception of YOUR reality …therefore, Perception is Reality!

Can we change our Reality?

With the understanding of this, what could WE change in our reality? If our reality is only a belief we hold, could we change our experience through changing our belief? The new experience would then change not only the belief but the perception too. Perception is how we view and experience the world around is … therefore, Perception is Reality!

Favourite Quote …

My all-time favourite Quote is from a selection of books called ‘Seth Speaks’ which I found extremely useful whilst going through my cancer journey.  It helped me deal with the possibility of death.  Death was knocking right at my doorstep back in 2010 and this powerful quote was totally life changing for me.  It taught me how the mind works, I was intrigued by it.  When we understand how our mind works, we have amazing power to utilise through our thoughts! That powerful quote is …

‘We Create Our Own Reality’

… no one else, just us, through our perceptions.  Our Perceptions are OUR REALITY!

Thinking about how the subconscious understands reality, we can now see how beneficial Hypnosis can be in changing beliefs, experiences, and perceptions, it truly is a very powerful therapy, its life changing! … and that’s why I became a Hypnotherapist!

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