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Welcome to my Blog and my Writing Journey

Welcome to my BLOG! I’m quite excited with this being my very first. It’s all very new to me, but I want to share my journey as a writer, my journey up to releasing my new book and of course the wonderful work I do as a Hypnotherapist.

Firstly I want to share a little snippet of me with what’s been going on recently……it will also give me chance to catch up with you all with my exciting news, and also processes I have been working through myself. If you want more information about me venture over to my about page, or have a little browse around my website. I welcome you 😊

So….I’ve been writing a book for years about my journey, the journey that bought me to being a Hypnotherapist 📖 📔📑📚 ✍️

It’s been on and off, I’ve doubted myself, I’ve had confidence in myself, I’ve procrastinated, asked myself ‘who am I to write a book!’ 

Well….in fact I’ve written quite a lot. 

As most writers will agree it’s quite a process, you have to address demons deep within yourself. This process I have to admit has been hard for me the last 6 to 12 months, but….I’m still ticking over….just about. 

It’s partly why you haven’t seen a lot of me on social media regarding ‘Harmony Life Balance’ recently. I had to take a step back from it. 

Even therapists have their sh*t that they have to work through! After all, we are only human! It’s been hard, extremely hard and I’ve been processing that sh*t lately. Realising that it’s strongly coming from aspects of a childhood of self doubt, not feeling good enough, and feelings of self sabotage. My subconscious programming and beliefs were just working in a way to keep me feeling safe, to protect me. 

So….why do we need to do this to ourselves? Why do we put things in place to create that protection for ourselves? We all do it in some way or form, even if we don’t realise we do. There’s a part of you (subconscious) that protects you to avoid something because it feels uncomfortable to you. The thought of it, whatever it may be makes you feel unsafe or brings feelings of fear forward, it comes from your beliefs and experiences. 

It started with a realisation Wednesday morning after watching something on my Writers Community . It made me realise there’s no need to wait for that right moment, there’s no need to be in the right place to do something, there’s no need to hold back from doing something you really want to do because you feel you are not good enough to do it! Cut those past beliefs, they no longer serve you, not one of them! There’s no need to wait for something to drop into place, address your demons, just placing your focus in the right way can give you that ‘inspired action’ that you need to move forward, a way will be shown to you. We get what we focus on! 

You only have NOW to move forward from, just NOW! It’s good to ask yourself what are you going to do with NOW? it’s your choice. We only fear or procrastinate because we worry who we are going to upset, risk negative comments or failure. What’s it to do with others what we do? So what if we fail! You learn from it! 

We are the only ones in the driving seat of our life, we are the only ones who can choose to create the life we want, and we do create it, every bit of it! 

I’m ready to step forward, to openly declare that I am a writer, an author, willing to share her story, share her journey, to share her experiences good and bad, to help people on their journey too….I feel newly inspired today. 

After Wednesday’s inspiration I stepped out of my front door…and there…I was faced with what’s in the photo 🪶 a white feather, right on my doorstep 🙏🏼 the feather then vanished, but by Thursday evening it returned right on my doorstep once again. I’m certain there is a positive message within that 🙏

Much love 💜

Feather of Inspiration

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