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Relaxation can help release many issues.  The fast hustle and bustle of life nowadays often results in people going through life like they are going at full speed ahead and not allowing themselves timeout or even feeling guilty if they attempt to take timeout for themselves.  It is important that we learn to switch off and have our times of rejuvenation as this allows us to replenish and heal thus maintaining our health which then allows us to enjoy life rather than letting it engulf us.

Relaxation in the Workplace

Relaxation sessions can be booked on an individual basis or can be booked as a group if you wish.  I also offer relaxation within the workplace if this is what you require.  Maybe you are looking for a treat for your staff??  Again these can be on an individual or group basis on request.  Prices depend on how many people and distance of travelling to your premises.  Maintaining the wellbeing of your staff can allow the benefits of a well run business, as the saying goes’ look after your staff and the business looks after itself!’

Relaxation at The Whitehouse

I run a relaxation session at The White House each Thursday morning at 10am. Providing information including how to cope and using positive mindful strategies during difficult times on how to deal with Cancer whether it be for yourself, family or friends.  Having been on my own cancer journey I offer advice from the heart which the groups find extremely helpful.

White House Cancer Support are a charity providing practical help, emotional support and information to people with cancer, their families, friends and carers across the Black Country.  They are based at 10 Ednam Road, Dudley West Midlands, DY1 1JX.

For further information regarding White House cancer Support please follow the link here:

White House Cancer Support

Relaxation can be the key to maintaining a balanced lifestyle.  I also give guidance on techniques on how to maintain using relaxation in your life during sessions, thus honouring yourself to providing a better life for you and those around you.

Interested in more information on Relaxation?  A treat may be just what’s needed.

Please get in touch via our Contact Us page to find out more and what we offer.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Aid to Relaxation

“I recently visited Michelle for a Hypnotherapy session.  The setting was very calm and reassuring.  I spoke with Michelle for some time about how I felt and she made lots of notes.  Michelle came to the conclusion that I needed a relaxation session.  Michelle spoke to me in a very calm and relaxing way, helping me to see things differently, more positively.  I came away feeling very chilled.  With positive thinking I went on to find myself a new job.

Thank you Michelle”

NP Kingswinford


“I joined one of Michelle’s relaxation groups about a year ago prior to undergoing some major surgery.  I had already begun to address my fitness and diet but wanted to ensure that I was also  maximizing  my capacity and resilience to deal with stress and stressful situations.  I wanted to ensure that I was well prepared for surgery and recovery.

I find Michelle’s open, warm approach alongside her deep commitment and professionalism easy to engage with.  I have certainly valued her assistance in helping me to find a time to dedicate to myself.  She has also offered practical advice, solutions and ideas as to how to manage stress and anxiety.
I find the group sessions helpful and rewarding as it is apparent that Michelle has helped others in the group as well as me and this is evidenced in some of the group’s discussions.

Michelle’s assistance has helped me to take full advantage of the expertise and hard work of the medical team supporting me in achieving a good recovery from my surgery.  Many thanks Michelle.”

LB Dudley

Positive Place of Life

I remember January 2016, the beginning of an exciting year where I had planned so many wonderful things to do.  Then everything came to stop as I heard the shattering news that I had breast cancer aged 49 years old.  My life was changed forever and my world came crashing down around my feet.  Over the next 12 months I had to endure a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone treatment.

However, it is now May 2018 and I am in a very good place and yes my life has changed but now I see it in a very positive light.  I’m very happy, I enjoy life and I try to live in the moment seeing and feeling the wonderful things in life it has to offer.  My way of thinking has gone from thinking and worrying about my negative thoughts and I have now replaced them with positivity and a healthy outlook in life.

Michelle has very much helped me to get to this very positive place of life and her knowledge, expertise and fantastic relaxation sessions have enabled this to happen.  Michelle has taught me how powerful the mind is and how you can alter your way of thinking to bring calm, positivity and wellbeing back into your life.

Words can’t thank you enough Michelle.

DM – From Whitehouse Cancer Support Group.

Michelle Townsend – Harmony Life Balance

C.Hyp, D.Hyp, C.I.H, UKHR, I.H.A. CNHC Registered