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Regression Therapy

Understanding Fear using Regression Therapy

Many people believe that fear can originate from from a previous life time experience. There are many cases of phenomenal stories that have been discovered using Regression Therapy and can and have created positive change in this current life time. Regression can be utilised just for the fact of a deeper understanding as the testimonial below turned out to be all about.

Water Fear Found

Being a curious individual who is always willing try new experiences, I must confess even I was somewhat sceptical of some of Michelle’s view points and beliefs regarding whether, we as individuals have lived past lives.  For several years however, I have also had a strong yearning to learn and understand more about regression.  Having watched television programmes and read books on the subject, I approached Michelle to see whether this was something she could help me with and particularly with my fear of open water. Having been a Midlander for most I my life I have a deep love of the sea and even joined the Royal Navy and spent many happy years sailing a yacht on the Solent however, although I respected the sea, I was also extremely fearful of it!  Through regression, Michelle took me back to a past life which although was happy, was also tragically cut short due to an accident at sea!   For me, regression did not take away my fear of the sea but it did lead to a greater understanding of why I had this irrational fear and for anyone who is experiencing fears they cannot explain or who simply just wishes to know more about regression, I would strongly recommend you talk with Michelle as I am sure her knowledge and skills can help others, as much as they helped me.

Caroline Webb

CEO, White House Cancer Support

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Michelle Townsend – Harmony Life Balance