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Noticing the Shift – Following your Inner Guidance Path

As a therapist, and a therapist working with the mind, people think we’ve got it all sorted, when in fact we are only human and we are also on our life’s journey, scrambling through life’s obstacles and the ups and downs it throws at us.  I wanted to share with you today some inner guidance from my experiences this past week, which in fact could allow you to apply to any area of your life too.  

We are not talking necessarily about one topic here; it can be applied where we most need it. We just require a different perspective. When we learn to STOP! in a moment which makes us feel uncomfortable, it allows us to process our inner feelings more deeply.  It allows us to connect to our inner guidance which we all have, we just have to learn to know it’s there for us.  We just need to access it.  Use the negative to create the positive.

Inner Guidance Path

When you stand at a crossroads in your NOW moment, STOP for a moment…be in touch with your intuition, your gut feeling…there lies your inner guidance, your inner wisdom…respond from beyond your mind…take the path you most connect with…Trust it.

Michelle Townsend – Harmony Life Balance

So, it’s been a very interesting week.  It all started last Wednesday 8th June 2022.  Up until then the procrastination was totally awful!  Not getting into a daily discipline with writing. Well, actually, yes, I was, but then something would scupper it again, and again, and again. It’s been a constant toing and froing, which just frustrates me so much. When I write, I’m on it, it makes me feel good. When the procrastination kicks in, the beliefs to go with it kick in, it’s frustrating making me feel sluggish, losing my flow, motivation, and confidence.  I have this constant fight going on all the time. But….8th June something happened.  I’ve been processing my beliefs, yes me as a therapist, we all have beliefs that hold us back. 

Monday 6th June saw the regular Q & A zoom session from Hay House writer’s Community, it was due to start at 11pm UK time.  I was so tired after a busy day but, was also feeling guilty for not using my writer’s community again to the best that I could. So, I mentioned to my husband, I’m going to watch this tonight even though I don’t feel up to it.  There was a strong feeling to watch it, so, I did.  Well, this started me focusing, giving me ideas again, which happens regularly. I write them down then don’t do anything with them. I’ve got so much written down it literally needs putting together like a puzzle. 

Inspirational Videos

Moving onto Wednesday morning, I had the sudden urge to listen to the Video of the month on Hay House which was Rebecca Campbell.  I made notes throughout as I listened, I was engrossed.  As I was watching I felt a sudden urge of excitement, motivation and a feeling of freedom come over me.  It was almost like Rebecca had unlocked some of the blocks I had been struggling with, which has then made writing flow again for me.  I’ve worked with the 7-minute rule, and it does work but here’s the thing, it’s maintaining it every day!  The 7-minute rule has given me a lot to write about that can be used in my book, and will be used in my book, but it seemed different this time, like a shift had occurred. 

I was due to meet a friend for coffee that morning, and had an appointment, so I got ready.   As I opened my front door I was presented with a feather, just before my doorstep!  You can see this in my previous blog post. Wow! It took my breath, I instantly knew it was guidance, reassurance, whatever you want to call it.  I didn’t pick it up, that never came into my mind, just went on with my day. The day seemed to flow, enjoying coffee with my friend, my appointment, the weather ended up being sunny even though we had been forecast rain. I also had clients bombarding me with calls. 

When Music sends a Message

On my return home I selected a Gloria Estefan album to listen to, then whist driving to my amazement the song ‘Flashdance…. What a feeling’ came on.  Looking puzzled for a moment I then had the realisation I had obviously attracted it, my energy, my frequency had changed from that morning, I was now attracting all these messages and different experiences.  The lyrics from Flashdance was just spot on, so, with a big grin on my face I drove along singing my heart out to Flashdance!  That song was then followed by ‘It’s alright…think I’m gonna make it’ by Christopher Cross!  Another song with appropriate lyrics! What’s going on?? Where had Gloria Estefan gone? I took it for what it was, a message, put myself in a place of gratitude continuing my day and feeling newly motivated.

A Place of Learning

The following day, I was still feeling this euphoric feeling of inner guidance coming through me.  I was starting to really look at how I could do a Blog on my website, I had no idea how to do it, what it entailed, or what was needed.  The advice for a blog had come from Hay House, Rebecca Campbell, Kris Carr, and many other speakers, it helps your writing journey you see and is good to share it, just like I am now in this blog.  The thought of this freaked me out, but I was aware that this was a deep-seated belief within me that’s been running for a long time.  

Addressing beliefs is what i’ve been doing, and it was all starting to shift from that Monday evening. So, I continued my day…running my relaxation group for the Cancer Support, off to my yoga class, then returning home for lunch before teaching for a few hours.  Now this lovely feather I had seen the previous day had vanished completely, and it certainly wasn’t there whilst I was seeing pupils in and out the front door, (I’m a music teacher as well as a hypnotherapist you see) but to my amazement as I was escorting my last pupil of the day out, I opened the door to find the feather had reappeared! Not only had it reappeared it was now right ON my doorstep! Wow!  Another breath-taking moment.  I smiled to myself, keeping what I’d noticed to myself whilst I spoke to the pupil’s mom.  I decided at this point to pick it up, I wanted to keep it for a while as a reminder of moving forward. Things were starting to move for me, I had noticed things flowing in all areas of my life.  

Positive News

Following on from Thursday, Friday continued to be productive.  I managed to meet up with another friend who I hadn’t seen for ages, albeit for a quick hour.  Conversations again were allowing me to flow with idea after idea.  

I had also received positive news from a client who had had a hypnotherapy session with me in the previous August, it was such fabulous news!  I asked if they would kindly to do me a testimonial for my website, they gratefully offered, which I received it a couple of days later, which I will share on here in my next post.  So, this Friday evening I logged on to upload the new testimonial, to then be followed by asking myself ‘how do I create a Blog page?’  I continued working on my computer, researching, to then find I had successfully created the Blog page, set it up, and then shared my first blog, which of course had to be the story of my feather. That evening I didn’t get into bed until 2am.  I was really connecting with what had happened that week, the ideas were just bombarding me and continuing to do so. 

Final Thoughts

When we change how we look at something, the things we look at change.  We also change our frequency, so we attract the frequency we give out.

Think how you could apply an understanding when you choose to connect with your inner guidance.  What would it create for you? What would change? How would you respond differently?  

Learn that when you feel uncomfortable, address it right there, right NOW!  Learn to listen to that inner guidance that lies beyond your mind, your intuition.  If something doesn’t feel right, change it, choose a different path, choose what feels right. It may be something you have been meaning to have a go at just like me as above for quite a while, but keep putting it off for fear of failure.  

Trust that no one ever knew how to do anything until they focused on it, they learned the lessons along the journey, just like I am right now. Learn to enjoy the journey. We are here to live life to our fullest.  Aim to do something every day that puts you out of your comfort zone, that’s where your soul is developing.

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