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Weight Management

Many people have issues with their weight or size at some point in their life.

Fad diets and new diets that have their craze being promoted via the media force people to focus on their weight…some resort to diet pills, gastric bands and even liposuction which for some may be a success for a while but it’s likely after a while old habits usually return.

Until you deal with weight or diet within your mind and understanding how the body works regarding food it can be a never ending fight.

Hypnotherapy is one such way to access the part of your mind that is creating blocks regarding food and diet. Food is related to so many of our life’s situations and without food we cannot survive …for example…parties, birthday celebrations, celebrating certain successes, funeral wakes, eating habits as a child, all these situations create feelings within us whether good or bad creating links as we are eating …even the grand old sayings ‘you must eat everything off your plate before you can leave the table!’ Or ‘make sure you eat it all up there’s children starving the other side of the world who would be grateful of that food!’ I’m sure we’ve all had those as a child…there’s not many who haven’t… You then feel guilty if you leave food on your plate …these type of comments over ride our natural feeling full up signals within our body called our ‘Leptin’ response causing us to over indulge ….the list goes on.

From our experiences with food, what is said to us regarding food or while we are eating food creates certain emotions or cravings…it’s at these precise times that we pick up subconscious habits that play out without us even realising.


Such an example would be when a child behaves well …the parent then praises them up and gives them sweets as a treat …that child then associates feeling good with being well behaved which then associates sweets or sugary things. The child then thinks …If I behave I can have lots of sweets, but when the child does behave and the parent decides not to keep rewarding them this could then create confusion and frustration within that child…the child then decides to create a scene bringing about anger because “they can’t have” ….creating a craving if you like for the sweets… Whether the parent gives into them or not a vicious cycle or habit has already started regarding sweets or sugary food. When that person becomes angry as an adult they would most likely turn to sugary sweet food to calm their anger!!

Another good example would be… say if you visited your grandparent and enjoyed tea and biscuits regularly say once a week for as long as you can remember from a child or even as an adult… Then unfortunately that grandparent passed away …the loss or grief could create an urge to eat biscuits to comfort those emotions or feelings of loss because you want to remember those happy times…thus weight gain could creep in.  The subconscious works as easy and as quickly as that!!

Links and Patterns

You can certainly see how the mind links and pattern matches things together and they need not be obvious just very very subtle things. It’s about the emotional response and situations linked with the food that can create binging and a wanting for more….of course this all runs at a sub-conscious level.

How Hypnotherapy can help

Accessing those emotions, responses and thoughts and changing them to a positive response is what happens in a Hypnotherapy session.

Hypnotherapy can access those parts of the subconscious mind that are running these programmes and release or reprogram them to create balanced habits regarding food allowing you to choose the right foods and nutrients to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

So whether your a person just wanting to change bad habits with food, wanting to choose healthier options, suffer with diabetes and need help balancing and maintaining a healthy weight …Hypnotherapy might be worth considering or giving it a try.

Weight Control Package

Initial Weight Control programme involves 4 sessions at £70 per session which can be followed by optional monthly follow up sessions at £40 an hour to help you maintain a positive outlook regarding your diet, health and well being.

  • Initial 1st session followed by
  • 2nd session one week later followed by
  • 3rd session 2 weeks later followed by
  • 4th session 4 weeks later
  • Then optional monthly sessions at £40 an hour.

I offer advise on healthy eating along with this package helping you to change not only your eating habits but your outlook on food for the rest of your life to help maintain your new healthy food choices easily and effortlessly.

If you require more information please get in contact where I will be more than happy to talk with you.

Michelle Townsend…Harmony Life balance

For more information on Weight Control please contact us via our Contact Form

Weight Control

“I originally saw Michelle at the end of May. My weight had snowballed to 14.3. I felt lethargic and generally fed up of being overweight. The first thing she told me was to cut out beige products- potatoes, cereal, rice, pasta etc.
I saw Michelle 4 times and then after 1 month. She has completely changed my eating habits. A biscuit at night with coffee was an essential, I think I may have had 1 in 2 months.

I am now 13.2 and still keeping to eat sensibly. I may have the odd treat, but now find it very
Easy to get back on track. I can now face the stairs several times a day instead of once. It has made me feel better about my self.

I think if I go on holiday I may need a booster when I get back. As Michelle says sometimes we need a treat.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle for hypnosis, you feel completely relaxed with her.”

SW Sedgley