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Electromagnetic Energy of Responding

The way to change others’ minds is with affection, and not with anger.

– Dalai Lama

How people treat you is their karma, how you respond is yours.

– Dr Wayne Dyer.

Two powerful quotes.  Each one stands alone within itself.  Put them both together and they are pretty amazing. Something that stands strong within me, that came forward from a place of adversity. 

It’s interesting when you look at the ‘energy of responding’ between people or something.  Especially if you are experiencing a negative response or an attack.  When I started treating Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity as though it was a person, that’s when things changed. That’s when I started to heal. It was powerful!

I have mainly referred to ‘them’ regarding people in this blog, for easiness of reading; but please refer to ‘them’ as ‘it’ as well, for other things or situations (e.g. such as Electromagnetic sensitivity in my case), because this situation can be used and utilised with either case very powerfully.


I learned a lot from my journey of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.  I’m quite proud of it to be honest.  Although totally debilitating at the time, it taught me how you can manipulate energy.  In fact, we all manipulate energy every second of the day by how we respond.  Yes, it took a while to realise, but once it clicked it became a very powerful realisation.  It taught me how to respond around people and different scenarios in life.  It really was quite a hard but helpful experience. 

What do I mean by Energy?

Everyone has different views on energy, some people don’t even connect with the word in the way I am describing it.  Let me explain a little here.  It is basically physics.  Everything is energy, whether you believe or not.  Everything that is in physical form, vibrates at a frequency.  It must, to maintain its solidness. Although nothing is really solid.

There are also non-physical things that vibrate at a frequency.  This is where I am going to use your mobile phone as an example.  When you send out a text message via your phone, do you see the words pop out the end; fly through the air, vanish in the distance and then land in the other persons mobile phone? No! absolutely not! That’s what I mean by energy.  EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!  And we have both negative and positive energy. 

Stand in your power

So, a little about this communication thing.  When you are experiencing a negative energy response, no matter where it is coming from, stand in your own power and just keep responding with kindness. Watch what happens. Be fully aware.  Be observant in the moment. Almost take a step back from the situation as though you are external from it, looking at it from a bird’s eye view. By doing this you are giving yourself space to process the information, the energy that is being presented to you. 

No Response is Powerful

No response is sometimes the best.  It will frustrate them more by you not responding. It will most likely confuse them and make them feel guilty or uncomfortable. You are highlighting that it is not acceptable, you are honouring your space and your energy by doing this.  You may find from practising no response that you get an apology, a change of some sort. Which you just accept if that occurs.  

Still continue to maintain and keep with the kind responses or no response. You’ll be amazed what happens. It might take time but when it does it’s amazing! There’s nothing they can throw back at you.  You’ve given them nothing but kindness or balanced energy in return.  Whether a person or ‘it’, I’m referring to IT as you would a person.  It’s a good analogy to have.  Whatever situation is at hand see IT as a bubble of energy if you like.  Whichever way you do this is irrelevant, the fact is you are addressing them.  It’s the addressing that’s key. 

Handing back the Negativity

You are handing back the negativity, you are not owning it. Not owning the ‘energy’. You reflect what they need to change in them.  You are in fact teaching them a lesson – to create positive change for themselves or the situation in which they find themselves. Plus, you are not lowering your energy levels down to their level.  

Negative energy has a lower frequency, positive energy has a higher frequency.  Maintain your high frequency at every cost in the moment.   By standing in your higher vibrational energy, you are helping the other person.  Giving the guidance for them to change to also respond with kindness.  It will lift them up to a higher place of energy. 

It may not be understood at that point in time, but it will eventually take place.   They have a choice to stay where they are or move to a higher place of positivity.  Your response has given them the option, the ball is in their court then. You have handed it over.  The energy you give out must be responded to.  You will experience situations to match it, it’s how quantum physics works. 

It gets easier and easier

It’s so hard for people to not respond, but once you’ve done it once and seen the power of it, you’ll do it again and again. No response is so much more powerful.  I always remember from many years ago, just after I had gone through my cancer journey. I didn’t response in a way the other person thought I would.  I responded with kindness and forgiveness.  I could have said quite a few things in return, but I chose not to.  The feeling it gave me from practising forgiveness in that moment freed me from the situation.  I could really feel the energy flowing through my body as it happened and as I walked away.  It was unbelievable, it was so empowering. Almost indescribable. It would have also sent messages to the other person to look at how they responded and change their energy. 

Your energy of responding can be changed by YOU at any moment for the better. Your energy resides within your responses. It’s that choice of response to that person, that thing, that situation …

– Michelle Townsend

Practise … Practise … Practise

As with most things, it’s just practise, and when you understand how energy works it becomes easier. Especially when you start getting responses that you didn’t expect. Remember, just watch the space. Be observant in the days and weeks that follow. Give them time to process it. It’s the same with anything in life, it doesn’t necessarily have to be relationships with people that we practise these responses.  When I started to respond in this way, when experiencing issues with Electrical Hypersensitivity, my body started changing, responding and catching up.  The energy changed around it. 


It’s also self-respect for you. You are not adding to the negative energy of it all.  By not responding you are highlighting to them that you are not part of their energy.  You are not feeding it.

If you had have responded with the same negativity, with fight, it would have got nastier, stronger.  That’s what they want, to prove they were right. With regards people, it’s the natural human ego taking over.  I’m right and your wrong!  But that’s only their thought process from their perception, nothing to do with yours. You have your own perception too.  Even though they may think it’s you, that’s their perception of the situation not yours. We can only perceive from ourselves.

By not responding how THEY wanted you to respond, you are now external to it because that’s your choice, that’s you practising self-respect, maintaining, and protecting your own energy. 

Change the thought and you change the response. 

It’s really fascinating isn’t it.  It’s very powerful.  I love how energy works and the mind. There is a big part of me that is very grateful that I experienced this EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity).  It was horrendous at the time, but in hindsight it certainly trained my brain to understand how energy works, how we can play with it, how we can adjust it and how we can manipulate it.  It’s back to that choice in any moment.  Change the thought and you change the response.  The energy vibration changes. Cause and effect. 

Your Responsibility

This process is a small part of how I got over the electrical sensitivity. Obviously, that wasn’t a person, that’s the ‘it’ I’m talking about, but it’s exactly the same scenario.   You see, either way we are talking about energy, it’s still a response.  Whether responses are with people or things, or situations, whatever they may be, it’s all the same type of energy playing out in front of you.  How you choose to deal with it is your responsibility, your choice. 

Final Words

This also brings back in the perception aspect.  We all perceive from our own experiences, our conditioning, which in some cases isn’t necessarily good energy.  If we can train our brain to understand about energy, then we can start to foster responses that are for the better, not only for us but for the other person or situation. Refer to last week’s blog on ‘What ‘Permission’ do YOU Allow?’.  It all links in. 

“Like attracts like. Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright. Automatically, as we shine who we are, asking ourselves every minute is this what I really want to do, doing it only when we answer yes, automatically that turns away those who have nothing to learn from who we are, and attracts those who do, and from whom we have to learn, as well”.  

– Richard Bach, Illusions.  The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. 

Don’t feed what you don’t like!   

It’s the old saying, ‘are you watering weeds, or are you watering flowers?’  

Feed what you want in life, let all the other stuff go.